Martinello Arreda




MARTINELLO ARREDA , a company with more than 35 years of passion and tradition for the wood behind its back. Thanks to the founder Martinello Giampietro, it has specialized in the realisation of personalized, unique, high quality made to order furnishings. The professionalism of our collaborators, attentive to the care of details, contributes to make a difference in the final result, aimed only at satisfying as best we can the needs of our client.


Our carpentry, strong in the handcraft mastery, which has been absorbed during the years, turns to interior design's studies, shops and private citizens, satisfying also the most complex expectations, asked by the clientele.We place your environment at the first place, we treat it as if it were ours!We offer an authentic complete consultation, from the choice of materials to the final supply, aiming to the point that all the procedure is characterized by the harmony of the space, shapes and colours.


The fusion between the ancient venetian cabinetry and the new modern technologies lets us provide excellent products of refined quality. The possibility of a pre-assemblage in the factory allows the client to analyze the rough handmade article before the final assemblage, reducing, in this way, the mistakes that could happen in the yard.

MARTINELLO ARREDA, aesthetic and structural solutions in the observance of tastes and ideas.